How to sell your digital products?


Gumroad is a dynamic online platform designed for creators to market and sell their products directly to consumers. This versatile tool empowers individuals such as authors, designers, developers, musicians, artists, and educators to easily sell a diverse range of digital goods. These can include eBooks, comics, music, design assets, video tutorials, software, and more.

With Gumroad, creators can effortlessly establish their own storefronts, manage transactions, and directly engage with their customers, all without needing an intermediary. What sets this platform apart is its array of unique features, such as flexible 'pay-what-you-want' pricing models, the option for subscription-based products, and the capacity to build a dedicated audience through pre-sales and regular updates.

Ideal for anyone looking to step into the world of digital entrepreneurship, Gumroad simplifies the process of online sales, ensuring that creators have full control over their work, pricing, and profits. Whether you're an established creator or a budding entrepreneur, Gumroad offers a user-friendly and efficient solution to expand your digital footprint and drive your online sales.

2- lemonsqueezy

Overview of LemonSqueezy

  • LemonSqueezy is an all-in-one platform for selling digital products like ebooks, online courses, software subscriptions, etc.
  • It handles payments, subscriptions, taxes, fraud prevention, and more so sellers can focus on their business. 
  • Used by thousands of companies in over 100 countries. 

Benefits of Using LemonSqueezy

  • Makes it easy to create an online store and start selling digital downloads. 
  • Handles all the tax compliance burden so sellers don't have to. 
  • Provides great customer support for setup, migrations, technical issues, and business advice. 
  • Gives sellers all the tools needed to sell digital products quickly and easily. 
  • Offers features like multi-currency support, failed payment recovery, PayPal integration. 

Types of Digital Products You Can Sell

  • eBooks
  • Online courses
  • Memberships
  • Software subscriptions
  • Themes, templates, fonts
  • Video content
  • Printables

Tips for Selling Digital Products

  • Use Facebook/Instagram ads with creative carousels to tell a story and explain the product. 
  • Find your niche passion and turn it into a digital product. 
  • Provide great customer support and user experience. 
  • Offer limited-time sales or promotions. 
  • Continuously improve platform and add integrations like Zapier. 

In summary, LemonSqueezy provides an easy way for creators to start selling all types of digital products globally by handling all the complex backend work like payments and taxes.

3. Payhip